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Resources for fundraising can be found here.  If you have something you wish to be added please send an email to:  Including any documents of text which you wish to be added.

Fundraising Basics

Don’t forget that the Scouts website has a wealth of ideas and some practical suggestions.  The fundraising page can be found by clicking here.

Money for nothing…part one

Giftaid is a ‘no brainer’ if not a little over administrative – find a parent in your troop that likes a good form – make sure you are making the most of contributions for subs and donations to the troop.   For cash collections be aware that cash collected at your HQ can be giftaided but cash from a bag pack or such cannot.  For latest details click here.

Money for nothing…part two

I have often passed a worthy cause collecting on the street with a collection bucket – but you can bet my kids / wife have taken all the change from my wallet !  Thus a spur of the moment donation is lost !  I think that we in Scouting are missing valuable contributions and the chance to increase the value of those donations.  I suggest that you as a Troop to utilise JUSTTEXTGIVING – it’s totally free and also means that donations can also be giftaided by the giver.  The application process is simple but you will need a charity related email address to apply or an email from District to confirm your status.

You have your own text number for donations and givers can chose £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10 to donate !

It will cost you a little time ….  set up a page and see the donations start rolling in …  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE

Grants for activities and building work

If you wish to go to our website for further information and to download the documents the link is or they can be found here by clicking on these links . . .

Building Fund Enquiries updated Aug 2010 (4)

HQ Grants to support local Scouting July 2010(2)

Standard application July 2010 Edition 1

For Building Purposes/Renovations etc, there are no funds remaining (including Disability related requirements)  but I attach a list of possible funders which can also be found using the link provided.

The Special Needs Fund Does have limited funds remaining, which would only be possible for individual purposes.

Please note * As with all of our funds & grants, we offer up to a maximum of 50% of the total costs worked out on a matched fund basis*

All Applications should be accompanied by the groups most recent accounts which should be no older than 1 year.