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New Member Process

This is the summary of the process for adding new adult volunteers to our systems which uses the TSA systems and also collects consent to ensure our compliance with GDPR.

1. Welcome and Consent
Send an email for first stage
Line manager sends an email of welcome, requesting consent to hold info for TSA and Christchurch, and asking them to prepare documents for DBS and referees.

2. Preparing to Add info
Store consent and arrange a meeting
Line manager sends the confirmation of consent to adultconsents@ and then liaises with the applicant to meet and do the admin (or delegates this).

3. Add information to start the Membership
Add to Compass, do the DBS and add to OSM
Line manager or their delegate adds the personal information to Compass which prompts the DBS application which can then be completed. Optionally, they also add the personal information to their local OSM.

4. Appointment Secretary prompted
Compass emails the Appointment Secretary
An automated email is sent overnight.

5. Approval of Membership
AAP and DC approval sought
Appointments secretary checks consent has been stored, requests references, and arranges for AAP and DC approval.

6. Membership approved
Applicant,  Line Manager and Admin Support informed
Appointments secretary emails the applicant (cc LM and AS) to inform them of the approval, give them their membership number and request they update Compass with their emergency contact details and their communications preference.

7. Local Communication Updated
Circulation list and Directory updated
Admin Support updates the circulation list for DC update and the Christchurch directory.

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